„Stand By Me“ is the february release of ACME

Written by on 2. Februar 2019

ACME recordings releases just another „Stand By Me“?

Yes, indeed, Scott Bennett, owner and producer of Acme Recordingsreleases another version of „Stand By Me“. But Scott would not be Scott, if this version of „Stand By Me“ is arranged like all the other tunes you can find on so many different labels. That this guy can sing is not new, so we do not report to his performance on the vocals. We would like to concentrate us to the instrumental arrangements of „Stand By Me“ because there you can find the reason why dancers will love his version, and why callers should think about buying his latest release.
While nearly all known versions were more arrangend to fuel moods, Scotts interpretation feels more like a smooth and exclusive session in a piano bar, somewhere on a beach, enjoying the sunset (or maybe the sunrise). Quite tones of the saxophone and even quite tones of the piano let us start daydreaming. The whole intonation is like listen to a diva in a silver sparkling long dress, sitting on a bar stool, whispering the begging words: „stand by me“.

What now remains is the thought, how Scott would look like this diva…. wearing a silver, sparkling long dress (laying on the piano 😂🤪 (sorry, Scott  ).

Here you can find the smoothest version of „Stand By Me“

👉 http://acmerecordings.com/recordings.aspx

Crest Recordings also released a new singing: „Looking Back“ by Bob Seger

👉 http://www.crestrecordings.com/recordings.aspx



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