When Cowboys celebrate their birthday…..

Written by on 1. April 2018

Today, on Easter Sunday, we celebrate our first birthday and we would like to thank you for an exciting, interesting and successful year.

It is great pleasure to run this radiostation and its much a greater pleasure live to see how many dancers and non-dancers are using our apps and services in the Net. We hope you liked what we did so far and we looking forward to have you with us on air again as often as you like.

It is our ambition to say „thank you“ to all those who supported us by walking our first steps. All of them still belong to our team, supporters and friends.
Our very special „Thank You“ belongs to you Scott Bennett (Owner and Producer of Acme Recordings and Crest Recordings). He was the first ever who believed in our idea and in the potential a worldwide radiostation could have.
Shauna Forbush Kaaria, you are the best support we ever, ever could have gotten in the world. Thank you for your time, thank you for your patience if the translations and communications took a little longer, and thank you to have Chic Recordings with its great music in our team.
Ted Lizotte – Square Dance Caller, without you, without your voice and without Throw Back Tunes – Square Dance Music we definately would have fewer listeners. You seem to hit the zeitgeist over here, your fanbase is growing and many dancers can’t wait to have you here: Thank you for being that stunner you are, even if, that talking to you always means to have better two dictionaries beside they keyboard and opened in google… 
Pat Carnathan and Rick Hampton, you both and your two very different label (group) do us complete a little more to what we would like to be: a radiostation that streams great square dance music to all different tastes in the square dancing world. What’s a radiostation without „Mr. Postman“ and „That’s Life“. Both singings you were able to hear on each second Special Dance in Europe.. over years… and years…. and…. years, up till now. That’s what we call a „absoluter Super-Hit“, truly smash-hits. Thanks to have Shakedown RecordsFine Tune/Gold Wing Square Dance Music and for sure Sharpshooter with us.

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